Saturday, September 14, 2013

Its was a sunny wet day. Year 7 and 8 went to Pt England Reserve. Once I step on the field I want to play already. The first game we had was with Panmure bridge. They kicked the ball straight at me I catch and ran ran straight up to one of the Panmure bridge forwards he tackled me and I felt like I broke my leg I place the ball.

David then got the ball and kicked it high and we all chase the ball then I  got up and my leg was numb but I got up and ran tackled the boy and got the ball out of the ruck and ran then I passed it to one of my bigger players and there boll people out of the way finally he gets tackled and I was in the ruck. I had took the ball and had sidestep the last defender and had broken out of the tackle and headed for the try line! we won that game its was an easy game then we did an cheer to thank the team and the ref.

The second game was a difficult game we verse Glen Brae they were winning on the first half but I didn't give up we work as a team shared the ball and I scored again I felt like crying the crowd was cheering.Glen Brae they kicked off David catches the ball its I ran for supported him all way Inuit he got tackle we had no support but there was no half-back so I told them to pick and run Mr Slade called people for substitution. Then we did a play for the first time and scored YES! we celebrate we were winning by one.

We kicked off one of the forwards catch its I ran my fastest and at the sometime I was think about if don’t my team mates will get anger so I ran hard did the biggest tackle I ever did he knock on the ball and went out he was still on the floor then the ref came and to see if the boy was, he said to the ref that he can’t stand up so the ref ask a replacement the guy run we a on there half. I was one of the forwards I push my hardest we win the ball I was so nervous I called outs “hold hold hold up”! I got out of the scram ran somebody got tackled so I ran and win the ball from the ruck my team-mates were happy high tackle ref blow the whistle and gave us an penalty and we went for a run I was the one that was running. The half-back tap the ball and gave its to me and I ran  at the forward one guy got me and I also broke outs of his tackle. Once I heard  whistle I was very happy I was jumping around with joy.


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