Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Special Place

A special place is somewhere you can go to when we just need a time to think.  My special place is the church.

I think that the church is a special place because it is a quiet place where I can go to, I can sit or kneel and just communicate with my mum. Every time I go into the church I feel her presents.


Sacred Heart is the best school for many reasons.  

First,  I know a lot of boys that went to Sacred and they are very successful in their careers. They are boys from St. Pius X Parish.  I always look up to these boys.  They are great role models for me.

Secondly,  my brother went to Sacred Heart and he finished last year.  He has become a very fine man.  He supported me and the family.  I know he learnt this from Sacred Heart.  I wanted to go there too and  be able to become a person like him.

But the most important reason is that I wanted to continue learning at a Catholic all boys school. My faith is important for me and my family.  

I hope I can make it to Sacred Heart College.