Monday, June 17, 2013

God strand

God is-
our father
is greater

What stop me from doing what god wants me to do?

is nothing just myself. I should lean there's time for learning and playing.

I think god wants from me is?
honest and responsibility  


Friday, June 14, 2013

place value

I have learnt to use place value as a strategy to solve addition and subtraction.

88 + 68 =

80 + 60 = 140

8 + 8 = 16

140 + 16 = 156

Friday 14 June 2013

Today was the first day Room 7 went to the pool.   I entered the swimming pool tent,  it felt hot like  Tonga's hottest day.  

The water dropping from the tent roof reminded me about how an icicle drips as it melts. The steam made the whole tent fog up. It felt like I had walked into a spa pool.  

When I swam to the other side it felt like I was rising from the dead. When I was walking to the pool I could smell the chlorine it reminded me of the when my mum cleans the bathroom.  

I swam with the Year 7’s. My favorite part is when we had free time for four minutes.  

I have straight black hair and dark brown eyes. I am a young boy with medium build.  I have one dimple on the left cheek. I am a neat and presentable person.
I am cheeky for I often cause trouble.  I have great determination for I am always eager to learn.   I am a  brave person because I am not afraid to ask questions and share my opinions with others.  

I believe honesty is the best policy so I am honest about my work, myself and I am honesty to wards others.

I think am a creative person and very artistic.  I love drawing and create things with crayons and coloring with coloring pencils.