Thursday, September 22, 2011

You are Special

You are special Max Lucado Retold by ME!

There was a village that had wooden people. There was a maker called Eli that was their creator and he lived on a hill with his tools. There were people with stars and dots. Stars mean good and dots mean not good. People who got stars would jump high into the sky and lift heavy things but all the people who got dots will do mistakes. One of them was Punchinello who had lots of dots and he thought he was good. He met this girl called Lucia that had no stickers Punchinello wanted to be the same like her she told him to go to Eli. Then he went home and sat on his bed thought about Eli then he walked up hill and he was scared of the big things. Eli called his his name Punchnello wanted to know how he knew his name. Eli said I made you that's why I know your name. Eli lifted Punchnello up on a box they talked until night time and when Punchinello left a dot fell off his body because he knew his creator loved him.
By Sefesi

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